Yûliya Fogrâ

  • Location: New York
  • Country Code: US
  • City Name:

I am 4 years of age, sitting in a bleak, blotchy echoing art-studio in the European suburban movie theater and watching how poster for a film is being painted triple my size. The magnitude of what one could create - by dressing up a fabric with human qualities using colorful ointments - fascinates me.
Yûliya is a NY based over-sized portrait painter. Best known for being represented by Agora Gallery at Chelsea NYC and by ‘WAAM’ Woodstock Museum Exhibit (chosen by Distinguished Chair and Professor of Art History at Marymount).
Professionally she's a graphic artist. Yûliya's passion for excellence and creativity shows in her artwork. When she is not designing she is playing piano along to her favorite musicians, painting or cooking. Her attention to details was instilled in her through her early years of classical musical training. While designing for musicians she works in unison with their music trying to incorporate song's musical structure into the base of her design. The subconscious dictates the outcome. She's trying to not interfere into the process with her logic for sincerity purposes. She tends to design at nights. Her process is similar to a song composing by a musician with a combination of actor's search after a character.