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Poster created by: NAOKI STUDIOS

Design contest: Design Artwork for Linkin Park

Linkin Park Poster by NAOKI STUDIOS on
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Inspired by the album title "The Hunting Party". As soon as I heard the word I came up with the time turned human being is hunted by nature, like we have been hunting(destroying) them. The soldier gorilla is representing nature and the statue of liberty in right eye is human being. Nature is ready to start hunting us and they said it is "The Hunting Party"
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    C Da Vinci
    over 4 years ago

    You have a lot of great competition here but your theme along with the terrific face on that ape sold me . The idea of the ape being the hunter and perhaps getting revenge on mankind . Ironically , I guess , his revenge is against his own evolution , since we believe that we ascended from the ape . I love those stern fiery eyes you gave him . Good luck . Great job ......Regards , Cy .