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Graphic created by: Yûliya Fogrâ

Design contest: Design a Poster for Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin Poster by Yuliya Pogreb on
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\How do you show the whole tale, not a preferable segment of it?.. Had to take a few posters out of my system to come up with the best design for "The Wave" projecting both the 'darkness of depression' and the successful 'way home out of it'. That's the only design that does both at once. It's a visual manifestation of a journey from far enough to see it clearly. That's what the album does. Approaching this Poster as a Pop-art book felt like the right thing to do for: it's simplicity, sense of depth and a clear perspective. Natural, deep and forceful earth tones are being used as the lyrics on a record derive from lots of nature related metaphors. There's a potential to take a pop-art concept and convert it into other visuals as well. Kids book is on my mind.