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T-Shirt created by: Pixel Droid

Design contest: Design a T-Shirt for Chops the Pig

Slaughterhouse T-Shirt by Pixel Droid on
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I've been an avid fan of everything Eminem/Aftermath since when he first came along. I ran across Slaughterhouse a few years back in college with their videos for Microphone and Move On and was instantly hooked and to find out a while later that they were being signed to the Shady camp put a smile on my face. So basically just the lyrical essence of Budden, Royce, Crooked and Ortiz was my inspiration. I'm a fan. Loud Noises, Legendary, Black Clouds, Hip Hop, Follow the Lead, Sickology 101, Boom and I'm a Beast just to name a few tracks that showcases their talent. With that aside, I've been a professional graphic designer for 2+ years now and decided to use clean vectors for the Tshirt instead of raster images. Everything is 100% hand "drawn" vectors except for the fonts, they've been modified a bit.