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Artwork created by: Beery Method

Design contest: Create Designs Inspired by the BIC Cristal Pen

BIC® Cristal® Pen Ally Art by Beery Method on
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Much like the conceptual drawing process of Leonardo da Vinci the intricate details, gestures, and expressions come through the vessel carpals of hand wielding scribe and tool to the rendering fruition on paper. Our hands such as being bio-mechanical use an instrument that will effectively give life to the mere aether of our imaginations. Bic pens can create subtle hairlike and ghostlike strokes of minutia while also giving power to the bold contrasting hard lines that make working with the ink pen so versatile for any creative. Another of man's brilliant tools of perfection for creativity.
  • Avatar_working

    about 4 years ago

    Cool idea! Great details and shading.