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Merchandise Graphic created by: Beery Method

Design contest: Create Artwork Inspired by Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane Merchandise Graphic by Beery Method on
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This design is not only a Jefferson Airplane tribute but also hails to the great Fillmore poster designs of the psychedelic era. It is about the connection and journey of youth, spirit, and the reflection of age, prosperity, and death. The youthful gypsy-esque to one side of the 'minds eye' crystal ball in center. The darker antithesis rises sleekly on the other side to grasp hands. An embrace of one's self through life journey. The color palette is inspired by the psychedelic posters of the era with soft subtle natural and saturated tones. A semi-symmetrical design with custom lettering and the handshake of psychedelic charm. Note: The color gradient is/can be optional. Color swaps for variety are available. Created as a vector design other color options or elements are editable. Shown on a white background for optimal 'merchandise' option display. Working file is poster size. Design is optimized for t-shirt/retail products using screen printing, DTG, sublimation, and more.