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Poster 14" x 20" created by: stingray306

Design contest: Design a Poster for Twenty One Pilots

TWENTY ONE PILOTS Poster by stingray306 on
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The music of Twenty One Pilots has given hope to so many people across the world, and the lyrics speak out for many who are too afraid to. The reason for the concept of this poster is that I and many others have felt like our hearts and souls are caged, like a bird that wants to sing and be free but is too scared to. Sometimes we trap ourselves up inside, in our heads and hearts, by numbing ourselves to certain things and hiding our feelings. To me, the music of Tyler and Josh has shown me that it's okay to feel certain things and that none of us are alone. Going to their show and being surrounded by the clique, people like me, was the most freeing experience of my life... which is why I put flying birds in the background. I think we all realized that there are a million reasons to live, a million moments to live for, and for a lot of people, that single thought is enough to set us free. So thanks Josh and Tyler, for setting so many birds free.
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    about 2 years ago

    Love your art style, nice work!