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Album Cover created by: G2

Design contest: Create Artwork Inspired by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 Album Cover by G2 on
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This is a update to my the first sketch ! Inspired from the album V. there is love, conflict, lust... so is all of our lifes. the AW features a couple in embrace forming the heart shape. they're as if in a dream state .. a feeling of being complete. there are conflicts in love ... but they long to be in each others arms . !
  • 1601374_10201938128880460_2507332095210376639_n

    Brittney Singleton
    over 4 years ago

    this is beautiful!

  • Kirubah_hb

    Kirubahshiniy Balachandran
    over 4 years ago

    Such a pretty artwork :) Love this a lot :) #Maroonerforever :)

  • Missing

    Yasmin Weaver
    over 4 years ago

    Absolutely love this. <3

  • Missing

    Marwen Ben Rekaya
    over 4 years ago

    awesome !!