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Poster created by: Mario Rosales

Design contest: Create Poster Art Inspired By Selena Gomez

  • 2ndplace
Selena Gomez Poster by Mario Rosales on
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  • Missing

    Darwin Coopman
    over 2 years ago

    Wow this was absolutely amazing...

  • Pp

    over 3 years ago

    Wow! This is awesome man! You had my vote!
    Could you please vote for me as well? Thanks!!

  • Me1_1_1

    Dimyn Dee
    over 3 years ago

    Voted. Can you please vote for me as well? Thanks!!

  • 10606270_887033158007701_2840745264941608897_n

    Mario Rosales
    over 3 years ago

    @Nisreen Elias
    Thank you!
    Thank you! The technique is digital painting with pencil, charcoal, pastels and watercolors

  • Ac

    The Mad Sketcher
    over 3 years ago

    Voted! please vote for me :

  • Ai_logo_the-grassroots-studio_07
    over 3 years ago

    wow, this is so cool!! is it vector or raster?

  • Capture2

    Nisreen Elias
    over 3 years ago

    Very nice!