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Poster 18x24 in. created by: HoosierSMBfan

Design contest: Design a Poster for Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller Band Poster by HoosierSMBfan on
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I’ve known of the SMB since the night MILLER appeared on DON KIRSHNERS ROCK CONCERT to promote THE JOKER in 1974. I became a diehard fan when someone gave me an 8-track tape of BOOK OF DREAMS. Since then - I’ve collected all their albums and been to almost 20 SMB concerts. The piece written in white text in the blue triangle on the poster is inspired of course by the albums, hits and favorite titles 1968-current. I started at the turn of the century and last updated it shortly after the release of LET YOUR HAIR DOWN in 2011. Just an awesome opportunity to share – how SMB’s music has inspired me and kept me positive thru the years. Enjoy- Even if this entry turns out not to be THE winner.
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    5 months ago

    THIS ONE is my FINAL ENTRY on this contest....I think!!