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Graphic created by: Mulaza

Design contest: Design a Sticker Pack for Kik

Kik Poster by Mulaza on
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I decided to make food combos aa a way we show love to friends and family because like friends and family, food combonations are rearely seen apart (like peanutbutter and jelly or popcorn and a drink), as family you rarely spend long periods away from eachother, and as best friends you're always seen together and can hardly be seen alone without the mention of the other, but for good reason, the same way a cup of fries compliments and brings out the best in a burger, family and friends coplilents your character and personality and bring out the best in you. Being together they make the experience a bit more memorable. I decided to make cups of coffee because even though we love our friends and family and love spending time with them, at times it can be draining, and from time-to-time we could all use a quick break to relax and gather ourselves.