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KISS Apparel created by: FernandoSosa

Design contest: Design a graphic for KISS

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KISS Clothing by FernandoSosa on
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The mythical album art of destroyer. I Am a fan of the band since mi childhood and be happy for participate of this contest.Greetz for the Army
  • Fernando_sosa_logo_2016_lr

    over 1 year ago

    Sam Jeinkings:Thank you very much for your words, it is a compliment to my work.
    I hope this image can be commercialized and better if the Kiss or someone else does.

  • Img_1177

    Sam Jenkins Design
    over 1 year ago

    As I scrolled through the KISS designs, I noticed a handful of good ones that might make cool T-shirts. But your design stood out to me because it "feels" like something that could have already been produced in a comic book/album cover back in the day. Your design style and muted color palette give it a retro feel that works great at capturing the timelessness of an iconic band like KISS. Great work on the reimagined Destroyer album cover! I'd like to see a version without the background for T-shirts.