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Album Cover created by: hellopowell

Design contest: Design an Album Cover for Eminem

Eminem Album Cover by hellopowell on
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This Cover Artwork is completely hand drawn and remastered and colored on the computer. I got inspired by "The Monster" musicvideo performed by eminem and rihanna from the MMLP2 where eminem is traveling to some memorable chapters of his music career. On the left side you can see eminems face as the dominating eyecatcher. On the right side you will notice from top to bottom: Eminem falling (The way i am), Eminem passing the 8 Mile Mobile Court (8Mile Movie), Slim Shady in a cage and the cage surrounden by 2 Guards (The Monster) and Eminem bounded in a white coat (the real slim shady). I think that illustration reflects what the Marshall Mathers LP 2 is for me. It's going back to the roots and face his alter ego Slim Shady. I hope you enjoy it and support me. Check the drawings on my Instagram account:
  • Heart7

    over 3 years ago

    THis is pretty dope regardless....