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Design a Can Label For AriZona

How To Enter This Contest
We require a little higher resolution quality than your phone can support for our submission process. Enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to the contest so that you can enter your artwork from a computer.


June 29, 2012 11:59 P.M. PDT

Cash Award

$5,000.00 USD


A years supply of AriZona Beverages & National Recognition

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Can Label Specs

  • For uploading, your file must be at least 720px wide by 650px tall
  • Accepted file formats: .JPG, .JPEG, .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS
  • .TIFF (or .TIF) formats should be flattened
  • .EPS formats must have all type converted to vector paths (traced or outlined)
  • RGB colorspace only
  • Max file size is 60mb
Original Art
Finalists will be required to submit original layered files
  • Files must be at least 300 dpi
  • Files must be in the CMYK colorspace
  • Accepted layered file types are .AI or .PSD
You are required to design on the Arizona Can template, download a template format (Right click, "Save link as..." on Mac or "Save target as..." on Windows):
To celebrate our 20th anniversary and our status as the number one ready-to-drink tea in America, we're turning to our amazing fans and asking YOU to design the label of a brand new flavor - Cherry Lime Rickey. Made famous in soda shops throughout Brooklyn, NY, Cherry Lime Rickey is a sparkling, refreshing balance of sweet and tangy fruit flavors. Your design could be the golden ticket to some cool swag, a fatter wallet, and best of all bragging rights. In your design, keep in mind some basic packaging design tips:
  • Be creative and unique.
  • Consider AriZona Branding and Positioning within our line of 23oz cans
  • Use the template included in the contest assets. Only designs that fit this specific shape are eligible to win.
  • The AriZona logo should run up the can vertically as it appears on the template.
  • You must include the flavor name "Cherry Lime Rickey"
  • On the back of the can, be mindful of the nutritional information that is required by law.
  • Remember that AriZona Beverages was born in Brooklyn NY and is proud to be an American Company
In addition to seeing your name and design on over a million cans nation wide , the winning designer will receive a $5,000 cash prize plus a year's supply of Arizona Iced Tea!