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We are the leader in customized uniforms and sports apparel. Team Rebel Direct has continued to grow in the sports uniform world by exceeding all expectations. The development of new trends and new approaches has made us a leader in the industry. We take pride in making the needs of our customers our priority. Our customer base has continued to grow and we are always looking to add other teams and organizations to our future. Our specialties are Football, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Baseball, Hockey, Cricket, Taekwondo, Swimming, Track & Field, and Cross-Training, among others.

We are enhancing our customer service as well as setting goals to hopefully get better at what we accomplish in the near future. We are constantly looking for new clientele in different territories; pushing back the boundary lines to continue to expand our company throughout the country. You can trust that we are securing more teams and clientele each day. We have set higher standards for what we are capable of doing by increasing our productivity and shortening our delivery times. The changes that we have made are all to ensure you, the customer, exquisite services. Providing you with your product in a timely fashion is our number one goal.