Cody Brown

  • Location: San Diego, Ca
  • Country Code: United States
  • City Name: San Diego

Hi there! Now, I’m not the best at introductions, but I’ll be the first to say hello! You might be wondering who I am and what I’m all about. Well, let’s just say that I’m a guy who loves to design. It’s that simple. I’m a very passionate artist living in San Diego California, and have grown up pursuing my dreams since I was a young lad.

I was that kid in grade school who would constantly get scolded by the teacher for doodling on my exams instead of paying attention. It was out of my control. This thing we call creativity was pulsing through my veins and I needed a way of unleashing it. I went to a Catholic school from kindergarten to the eighth grade where I was fortunate enough to have my mom work at, she was a teacher’s aid and later a Spanish teacher. In my earlier years of school I would help my mom design the different art on all the classroom doors that were displayed for different events and seasons. One of the doors I remember designing consisted of an illustration of Jesus that I drew.

I currently attend the Art Institute of San Diego for a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Throughout my career as an artist, I’ve been involved with many different mediums, including hand drawn 2D animation, digital animation, 3D modeling/animation, modeling chavant clay sculptures, motion graphics, apparel design, web design, traditional acrylic painting and pencil drawings. I have a pretty broad skill set and can work on numerous types of projects. I tend to specifically do more graphic and apparel design in my area of study, but hope to strengthen my abilities as a well rounded artist.