• Location: Springfield, OR
  • Country Code: United States
  • City Name: Reno

Alex is a self-taught mixed-media artist with a passion for creation. By combining skills from graphics programs with his passion for aesthetics and design elements, Alex continues to create and mature his relationship with Art on both professional and personal realms. Alex has transitioned to a wider variety of works, themes and mediums including: aerosol paint, India-ink, acrylic and other experimental mediums of choice. His body of work shows his strong ability to synthesize multiple forms of media and imagery into a cohesive concept. Alex’s ability to stylistically adapt in order to better suit a specific project per the client’s needs have proven to be an invaluable resource throughout his career. He currently works full-time as a freelance graphic designer, as well as pursuing his fulfilled time as an Alchemist of Art in the making.